During the recent time of friends at Calabasas, California, Tom’s team, from Andy & Jacky’s church, began to sing a song which repeated the line “you have come to save us Lord”  the mere thought of his love made me weak with love for such a grace towards us. In the early dawn that day i had photographed a cliff’s face with the moon rising above it without realizing that an airplane had rocketed itself past the moon into the sky above the cliff (look carefully at the 32nd and 47th shots); though barely discernible, it was a message to me again, of his immeasurable grace expressed in kindness toward us who believe in christ; that he is again taking us on a journey, a new journey of, and with, friends, many lessons learnt, but of so deep and clear a love; a broad journey that catches our breath again, one, where as the psalmist says, “Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, a place where she may lay her young, at your altars O Lord, my Maker, my God!” There is no greater privilege in God’s journey for our lives, that he would help us to fall in love, so that we get to do what he desires, and what we love, with the people we love to do it with. Agendas look for the ladder; freedom looks to prefer, please and benefit others. freedom is not to set our own agendas over the awesome work the Spirit does between brothers and sisters journeying together for him. Contentment is the peace that abides as we journey together with cheers of joy for the good things we and others do for him.