Osprey at Dempsey-Ramshaw Dam, Milton

Perched in my ‘cave’, that has served as an office, library, and sanctum for the last five months, I looked out over the Dempsey-Ramshaw Dam one late afternoon to spot a large bird approaching from the west. My mind metamorphosed in slow motion that this was no Tern or other regular residents, but a rarer visitor. Then, my thoughts snapped into line, I grabbed my camera, which was thankfully on hand, and started shooting as the bird plunged downwards.

Ospreys (Pandion Haliaetus) with a wingspan of 63 inches make quite an entrance in our well-manicured Milton suburbia. They represent a little of what is wild; daring, and raw about Canada’s wildlife as they dive headlong for the water’s surface feet first usually to emerge with a stunned fish (though not this time) held fast in their sharp talons.

What made this particular event truly special for me was the reflection of the setting sun through the water droplets flung in every direction by the great wings of this magnificent fisher-bird. I took this set of shots within a period of approximately 10 seconds. As I recollect, the sequence in the water lasted about two seconds. I marveled at its strength that could in one blinding second shake off liters of lake water to propel itself back into the sky.

This moment will linger long in my mind.

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