Late Bloomers — creation in hope


At the spent acre
Where life has been
The Fall winds freed
From its flower
The tiny seed
That lays unseen

Nestled in her pod
Covered by dirt
She awaits its death
As she rests unhurt
In the earth’s embrace
Pressed in its womb
Alive with promise
Newly formed breath
Stirs from solace
To break into sight
And rise from the sod
To take her place
And burst into bloom
In the autumn night


The Dempsey dam reveals to me in every season a fresh beauty even in the thorny shrub and the hated ‘weed’. Here, the late bloomers lift their heads to show their beauty in radiant muse and to bask in the Autumn sun. John Constable once wrote: “There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may —light, shade, and perspective will always bring out its beauty”!

These representations of the fall—of late bloomers—are more tenacious than the others. They continue to flower and bear as the days shorten. They speak to me of life that has beauty in every season.

[Shots were taken with a Canon 5D, and a very 'manipulated' 50mm 1.4 Canon lens. Iso at 100-125; F-stop at 8; meter in the range of 500-8000 according to light and motion. The plants, berries, and flowers represented are the Canada Goldenrod; the wild Chicory; shrub berries of various kinds; the New England Aster; the Heath Aster; The Blueweed; the Field Pennycress; the Butter-and-Eggs Yellow Toadflax, and Rough-Fruited Cinquefoil.]

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