The Inner World of Flora

I shot this selection with a canon 50mm 1.4 lens to emphasize the effect of light and shadows; motion; mysticism; a melding of lines; obscurity and contrasts, and ambiguity. I intended ambiguity, inviting the mind to fill in the blanks. I de-regulated the F-stop. The ISO varies between 100-320. I adjusted the Canon 5D MII’s meter according to how much light I wanted in the shot through time values which ranged between 500 and 8000. The subject is Birch bark and twigs [2171, 2175]; Queen Anne’s Lace [2110-2148]; Wild Teasel [2038-2105]; Bird’s-foot Trefoil [2247-2250], and Wild Chicory [2360, 2368]. The shots are mostly in black and white since I chose here not to allow the colors to distract from the ‘inner feel’ or to imprison contemplation. I set the grain to accentuate a tactile earthiness.

Loys 120725