Fifty yards away safely in his truck facing the other way, my friend Doug Macdonald, with his head out of the window, shouted frantic warnings as we faced down an angry young bull elephant that towered above the front of our car whipping his trunk, ears and head.

If this bull stomped on us, the car body would crumple like a Coke® can. Inside our car, the family screamed for me to get back in. Gripped in the moment, compelled to capture this elephant’s rage on camera, I kept shooting with my trusty Canon EOS 20D through the sunroof.

We have had many laughs about what happened that day on the S100 at Satara, KNP, and some well-deserved reprimands also.

The daily excitement and events of African safaris aside, the compelling thing about the African wild are the sunrises and sunsets. Bright orange-red carpets of dust shimmer across the plains in the early evenings enhance the silhouetted skylines of acacias. As the day winds down the heat mellows into the buzz of insect nightlife punctuated by the occasional whooping calls of the Spotted Hyenas, the grunt of Lions, and the distress bark of Impalas. Africa gets into the blood; into the nostrils; into the soul… those who touch it; taste it; smell it, and feel its rhythms, can never forget!


Dedicated to: my faithful friend of many safaris and rescue missions, both in the wild, and in the city, Doug Macdonald

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