My reference point for editing and tutoring at the masters and doctoral level is thesis and tutoring work done at the University of Toronto. Three published books and many tutoring years has added to this experience. Services include tutoring, the edit of paper submissions, dissertations, MTh, DTh, DMin, MA, and PhD thesis work, edit of research work, scientific and other articles, book reviews, and book publishing.  Established in copy and conceptual editing since 2008. Access to both and  


  • Tutoring
  • Copy editing (input in grammar)
  • Conceptual editing (input in ideas, structure, flow, and logic)
  • Copy and conceptual editing for foreign students


  • Final  papers up to 30 pages – at standard rates at U of T – 50% up front, balance on completion
  • Masters and doctoral thesis or dissertation above 30 pages – volume discounted
  • Edits are carried out within 24 hours of acceptance if necessary
  • Different rates may apply for 24 hour deadlines
  • Tutoring per hour charge determined as per specific situation
  • Strict adherence to U of T’s Code of Behavior on Academic Matters (see link below)


Contact me at [email protected] or at [email protected] We can phone, Facetime, or Skype to discuss your paper and to work out a situation best suited to your needs.


“Loys has a wide knowledge about humanities and social sciences, especially philosophy and theology. He quickly understood what idea I was going to convey through my paper. He did not merely edit unclear sentences and grammatical errors, but also recommended what elements were needed in each paragraph to make my writing tenable and convincing. After his conceptual editing, my argument became stronger and clearer, and it gave my paper a good structure and smooth flow. I strongly recommend his copy and conceptual editing” (Eunjin K, PhD student at U of T, 2014)

“I was near the point of finishing a difficult research paper when I met Loys. Upon learning that he was a professional editor, I had him review my paper. In a short amount of time, Loys was able to critique my paper and provide valuable feedback. Not only was I able to correct grammatical and syntactical mistakes, but also make my paper more cohesive through a strong introduction and conclusion. Loys even took the extra step to demonstrate to me the impact of using shorter sentences when I write, using my own paper for examples. He taught me a valuable lesson. I would highly recommend Loys de Fleuriot as a copyeditor. He will improve your writing as well as help you learn to communicate your ideas more effectively.” (Chris C., Ph.D. student at U of T, 2015)

I adhere fully to the University of Toronto’s Code of Behavior on Academic Matters –