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On a wedding day

When I went to the hill, I met an old horse
Its meadow untouched by the plough
Sullen-eyed it perked its ears mid-course
Under the white-capped gaze
Of Mount Baker’s brow.
An apple core disturbed its graze
Time stood still for our sake
As fresh scent carried on the breeze
Banished the ache
Of age in degrees

Listen now O wind
As you gather the cloud
To the farmer’s grin
You send storms to trouble the proud
From their hearts you wring large tears
Yet your gust
Blurs the trace of years.
Ahead of the herd
Your strength drives the dust
And shatters the tree in its gird
Although you lay still to grace
The roan that stirs in its place
To give its tedium a muse
That which it may choose
You beckon its thought
To the smell it has caught

O Welcome the visitors that love has healed
To the grass-filled field
At the top of the bluffs
For the feast of days and nights where grows strong tufts
In the haze of the lingering sun
Where love may again leap up into bloom
From shoulders of the past redone;
Through the love of the bride and groom

Dedication of this poem: To Bryce and Olivia on their wedding day. May their years be many, and their lives blessed