To all our friends,sam1

We heard last night for the first time that Sam has to be extremely careful as he has cracked the coccyx exactly where the crucial sacral and coccygeal nerves of legs, bowel, and bladder run through. He cannot fall or jar this in any way. His wound is 2″ wide and 31/2″ deep and had a foreign body in it so infection could occur and it exposes his nerves and coccyx as they couldn’t close it. Thanks for your prayers. We and the family are grateful to God that the claws of the hammer went into the ONLY 1″ triangle spot in the lower back region that could have protected him from paralysis. As Matthew-Seth reminded us last night “if God could actually do this, then what is there to fear now”. The doctors and nurses are all talking about this “miracle”, recording it, and taking photos, et cetera. We are so grateful to God, for his help and for all your prayers. Thank you. We owe our thanks also to the police, paramedics, helicopter crew, surgeons, nurses, and to Sam’s friends, that cared for him during some extremely agonizing moments.

When God told us in 1997 to go to Canada to plant a church, he said, “Do not go and see, I will be your eyes for you. Take hold of me (referring to our decision to go in faith as Abraham did), and I WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING”. This promise was our sustenance and comfort during this time.

Bless you all.

Loys and Sharon

9th May 2013defleuriot-VH0X8292