Songs of God’s love


As I hear this song today, it reminds me of the great blessing that lives lived in love bring to this world. The angelic voices in this song, in some way, represent for me those kinds of lives. Of course, at the forefront of our minds these days, is the death of one such man, whose grace toward his enemies, brought about such reconciliation that it has affected the whole world. Concerning him, i heard a commentary that stated that his life was “proof that ‘well done’, is better than ‘well said’”. The song reminds me also of many friends, who also have served, many ignominiously, daily, caring for the children of this world, young and old; asking for nothing, and expecting nothing in return, they continue each day with outstretched hand, and tender heart, to love with a love that no one can ignore, and should want to emulate. But if asked, they would say, “it is not mine; it is the Lord’s”

I salute you Madiba