Our hard trouble
Loads us double
With heavy sacks
On our backs
Morning till night
Till life’s twilight
From day to day
A pace to fray
In us the best
Of needed rest

Where is the grace
In life’s demand
That finds the stream
For those who turn their face
To make a stand
For their own dream?
What’s there to say
But that they’ve cast off for the day!

Each new year grows
From hours spent
Untidy rows
Where shoots of hope
In grace resent
Earn the dime
That splits the trope
Of give and take
Lifts the loads in stories
And symphonies
Seen through the I and You
Carried by feet and time
That clears the view
Of earn and make
To leave us free
To love and do; to love and be

Mundane daily commutes may be moments easily missed under the brow of banality, and yet even fleeting encounters and hasty comings and goings have a glow of new hope.  In the routines lay the steady rhythms of a kind of essence—a vital community as it were. Over time, confidence and careful respect may work out the path of friendships born from a casual glance and ready smile.

Twice a week in the 6.15 pm Go train ‘accessibility’ coach we are carried by the stories of friends who meet their daily challenges with understated courage. Their steady resolve boldly paints a picture of Canadian diligence. Some brace the blizzards to earn their keep. Others endure the bustle of three-hour daily commutes. There is respect for the life that sets its face to earn its bread ["wai wai mo zenfants, fau.t travailler pour gagner son pain"—words that, among us, only Ibne and Fortuné would understand]. The daily ‘level ground’ does not despise even the wearisome toil borne with the hope of a better future.

Space does not allow me to tell the many stories of honest work and daily sacrifice moved by the need to care for their own. On the 6.15, it does not matter where we come from, or where we are going, but that we all got up this morning to do what we must do. Along the way, we may find others like us in the city’s bustle—a community on the tracks…


Dedicated to Dan Riordon and the 2014 travelers on the 6.15pm Go train ‘accessibility’ coach