The Stillness of Hope

Have I missed what yearns
In the stillness of hope
To find love to cope
With doubt that learns
The faith of the bold?
Did desire awaken the sound
Even of sparrows in the cold
Where joy on the wing
Lingers, though life turns from Spring
To lay down in the ground?

Do I draw away?
Why not have hope
That comes as a friend
Who looks for the day
As sweet scent on the wind
And breathes ‘come near, do not fear’;
Or, like the seed unpinned
As food for the year?
You don’t only hide in death
Yet hold still for me in the lee of the slope
So the storm in my soul can mend
In the love of our lover’s breath

Did the swell of first light
Rally the fields in their stems
As the turning earth tends
To the warmth of the breath that lifts
From dewy acres?
It too calls the watchers
To linger like friends
In the stillness of hope for a while
It gives up its gems
With the butterfly on the daisy it has found
And the sunflower with others in its aisle
With the oak rooted in the ground
It beckons grace to love’s gifts
And the new into sight