The Breaking Out

Bud in-dorm
Silently cold
In nature’s form
Within the fold
Of Winter’s girth
Without toil and sweat
Awaits the birth
Of Spring’s onset

From nature’s gown
The fetal crown
Inches out
The day to scout
Beauty from old
The new shoots climb
And start to thrive
The Word foretold
What grows in time
Feels nature’s care
What we contrive
Its mournful stare

Foolish vaunts
Refills of wants
May win the heart
And dress the bait
Yet journeys start
In lives that wait
For the new bursts
As through clear days
A hope that thirsts
To Gaze
Into the light
Away from judgment’s blight

Then, through the Lover’s heart
Our tears will flow
To make us strong
And know
That we belong
To all who see with grace
Our hidden space
And cheer our renewed start

Dedication: I dedicate this poem-narration to our grandson, Emory Cameron Loys, born April 5th to Seth and Laurie de Fleuriot. Words escape us at the joy we all feel at the moment