An ode to civil servants
Events will fail to sound the horn
To man who gleans his field of thorn
He stirs each day to pick his spade; no thought of heat;
Of things apart from dusty feet
The warning’s blast that slams his peace
Earlier saved by friends unknown;
God’s aid;
Through whom his cares enthrone
His sob swept to shade
by servant, nurse, police
Nameless to him, caring in act
No thought of self, stirred by the bleed
Brotherly pact
Moved by their grace
In care to stay the gloater’s face
In zeal to give the touch to need
They mind trouble
Soldiers full-armed
Plunge in the spill
For victims harmed
Life hardly fits the view we like to keep
But love not cheap
Blossoms in drought;
Man’s care mirrors God’s grace
The hand reached out
The shadow of his face

When a man working his fields does not know the danger’s warning, God precedes his need with grace through those whose hearts already moved reach out the hand to help. Our thanks as a family go out to those servants, heroes to us: paramedics, police, helicopter crew, construction workers, nurses, surgeons, and friends, who reached out their hand, when we could not, to save our son from dire consequences.

We will be forever grateful, and pray their blessing returned a hundred-fold to their family, work, and future.

Sam’s wound, which is still a deep, precarious, and open gash, is healing faster than expected. no infections or falls. He is walking more freely, is still in a lot of daily pain, but his good nature has not yet abandoned him. Our hearts are daily grateful.

Loys, Sharon, Sam, Seth, Laurie, Olive, and Olivia

15th May 2013

Dedicated to: Frederick Macallum, Ken Goad, Kim, Sylvia, Jess, Chris, Dr. Sne, Dr. Ristevsik, Richard Arnold, and many others from the police, the helicopter crew, and the two hospitals, whose names we were unable to obtain.


sam in action

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