Dedication: to my neighbor and friend VJ Patel who takes the time to inspire others with encouragements

23rd December 2014

There’s little wrong
In pride received
Even less in our ‘veneer’
Since Growth the guide
Stirs us inside
And what’s believed
Attunes to heaven’s song
Our cheer

But what hands take
Can lead to strife
Desire’s rake
Can load the life
With woe and ache
And feed the fears
That bleed the years
To whore
Into its store
What turns the heart
From those apart

Where’s then the lover
Who traipses trails
To the other:
A path traveled by few
As works the Dove
Below; above
Where Love travails?



    A poem on giving as answer in a season of cheer, and in a holiday season where many may feel their loss and pain more acutely even in the midst of the happiness of others. They may feel seclusion, loneliness, and loss of purpose in rejection. The seeming happiness of others, particularly at those times, and in the festivities of a season’s end can bring even sharper pain. The poem is a call to lovers near and far, to awaken to this reality even in those close to them. All is not always what it seems, and pathos is attentiveness to a heart of nurture and care for others that prevents insensitive actions. I felt this kind of pain as a 24-year-old during a mental breakdown which took me more than two years to recover from. I long both for the authentic within myself, and for communities attuned to their sphere of influence. All it takes to rekindle the love of friends is sometimes only a phone call away, an email, or a prayer? These are usually the things which bring a joy that lingers long after the festivities have come and gone. Let us take care, indeed.