Forgetting… forgiveness
2nd February 2015

Is life just thus
What is ingrown
A puzzle piece
All on its own?

Could we then claim
To’ve met our aim
In silence
And abstinence?

What strains our life
Within the call
Is less the strife
Which humans meet
Of others’ scorn
At despair’s feet
But what is borne
Of grace for all
Thus must we rise
To face the day
With thought and act
To flee the ‘hide’
And to abide
Without a slack
Within-without to face
The daily pace

Reflection in every person frames an event. Forgiveness clears  the space in front which God can fill with grace. It stirs a song within our hearts afresh. It kindles what we felt in wind both cold and warm to tell the new that  joy is formed of loss. It completes us, and sets the mark in time to the goal of life – the care of all.