Inside the Dandelion

24th may 2013


What would our outlook on winter be if there were no hope of rejuvenation? To what accompaniment would the spring sun stretch out its warm rays? I give thanks with regular certainty for the flowering bush that suddenly explodes out of faded brown into a radiant yellow, and the Dandelions seemingly dead, that almost all at once break ground into sunny fields of color like waves of musical crescendos in bursts of new life.
What do the seasons tell me of the purpose of that colorful pageantry? Flowers do not shine only for our pleasure; their purpose is to extend their life and species toward the future.

Each dandelion is such a little plant, so defenseless and yet quintessentially representative of nature in its chrono-biological rhythms of life and death. And even yet, who could imagine their tenacity through the bitter winter months that can produce such multiplicative growth? They must evoke then a wonder as their petals give up their strength toward early summer to break open into crowns of seed-filled pods. The winds that carry them away to new places give honor to their deaths, and beckon the viewer to an inside view of a surreal beauty…


24th May 2013


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