Cardinalis Cardinalis

1641 Dempsey Crescent has a new resident, the Northern Cardinal; a place where grain and company are aplenty during all seasons.

“Surely the silly bird knows that it is not a female he is looking at, but himself,” says Sharon, as she cleans the van’s side window of droppings for the umpteenth time. Our prime bright red specimen, one of North America’s favorite birds, has made us his home. Not unlike the African Shrikes, he will chase any competitor away, even if that means attacking his reflection in the mirror.

Our mornings now newly graced in melodic chucks and yodeling has taken on a brighter spring hue. “Red” flits from branch to branch, and lands daily on his Dodge Caravan’s ‘perch’ for a daily squabble. He is nature’s replacement for our Chipmunk the neighbor’s tabby killed last year. With the tabby’s departure, we may be in for a bountiful summer. If the news has gone out to chipmunks, squirrels, cottontails, grackles, sparrows, and cardinals, that our feeders are safe again. With the prowler removed they may feel welcome to nest, feed and breed to their heart’s content.

Here’s to spring… and terra firma

Loys – 21st April 2013

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