Life’s realities, are not always either clear, or what we expect, but with God there is always hope. A line in one of Isaac Watts songs goes,

“While all that borrows life from thee, is ever in thy care. And wherever man can be, thou God art present there”

Even the ‘distant shores’ are made near by God’s kindness toward each of us. See this article on the Emperor Penguin - God is awesome and gentle. He gathers us in, and matures us along our journeys. There is none like him. My Spanish bible puts Isaiah’s words in chapter 58: 11 best, “Seras como jardin bien regado“.

We prayed for our dear friends Jose and Maria Luna this morning, as they leave with their two young children, William and Maya, to plant a church in Belize. May their journey that has begun with such faith, find their steps, and that of those God uses them to reach, filled with more faith, joy and love in the Lord.