An act of amazing bravery and friendship occurred during an ambush behind enemy lines when a US army platoon lieutenant told his men to fall back to a collection point where a helicopter was waiting for them. They incurred many fatalities as they retreated to the rendezvous point.

Once in the helicopter, with bullets flying around them, a soldier realized his friend was not present. The captain ordered him to stay put, but disobeying the order, he chucked his pack, and ran back into the hail of bullets.

Despite getting shot a few times he found his buddy still alive, picked him up, and miraculously made it to the helicopter. The rescued soldier said afterwards, “I knew you would come back for me”!

We appreciate great acts of grace, bravery, and love among friends, but also even the simplest things, such as a kind word, an encouragement, a phone call, or an overlooked mistake.

Have you ever lost a friendship you thought was secure? This may have caused you to doubt yourself, and to question everything in your life. This has happened to me at various times. What is the purpose of those awful moments? I can testify that if we choose faith, change, grace, and forgiveness, in every instance, those challenges produce positive change, and in time, good doors open.

We cannot predict how times of difficulty will affect those around us, but we can choose how we respond. David faced 600 faithful men who wanted to stone him to death. His response is a lesson for us all today. He did not defend himself. He did not make excuses. He did not dig his heels in. He did not accuse his men, but adjusted and encouraged himself in God (1 Samuel 30). He chose to free them of the consequences of their attitudes, and to free himself from his guilt.

Life’s most desirable stories celebrate freedom, rescue, grace, forgiveness, and gentleness. The stories we want to hear; the ones that make the deepest impact, that reach our soul, touch others, and that have the most power to invite change, are those that tell of grace, kindness, extraordinary forgiveness, care, and love.

Here’s the two-fold tipping-point: the millennial generation want this freedom despite the situations they find themselves in, and God wants to show them how his grace has prepared them for it…

The thrill of freedom is unequalled on earth; and we each have it to give as the attached video shows. The love for freedom is in every heart, dormant, or active. God put it in us from the beginning. Take a moment, and watch this incredible YouTube video. Imagine if we, like the Good Samaritan, did the same for our neighbor…

As the song says,

“There’s something you’ve got to leave behind,
And hold it like a treasure if you can find,
Something good in this world,
Something good in this world

There is so much hard earth to dig,
In these days of curse that we live
I am absolutely sure that in the midst,
There’s something good in this world,
Something good, Oh, keep on…

Yes, keep on, selume proferre

Loys – 20th April 2013

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