Don’t hide, don’t turn away
You who sit apart
I praise you who are shields in the dark
Breathe, in the valley of death
Give your spirits, share your breath
Breathe on dead bones, sinews, and muscle
Paid for by the gavel
Where already stirs a Way

Heaven, the range awaits your dawn
For whom do you hold the door
The winds are your musical score
Your cleansing storms
In the day that forms
Uncover cruelty with care
And search for the cries that dare
To hope-enough on the bare concrete
Rain down, rain down your tears on the street
That show the lie of a beauty gone

See the clouds coming, dear clan
The soils thirst for gift and guide
With mouths open wide
They want through bar and brick as they lay
The grace that overflows the grey
The patter of drops on cold ground
Refreshed to bear a new sound
Though told they’re citizens no more
There echoes on the valley floor
Hope-enough 32 to a man

What good would it do, if they die
What good would it do, if they pass us by
Unheard by foe or friend
How then would we know the things they can mend
Does love hold promise only for the tomb
What of hope-enough given in the womb

Come then and breathe, awaited ones
Give your breath, your tears and sight
Teach on the trauma that causes your plight
Show the scars of punishment
Speak of the horror of banishment
That seeds in your sorrow
The lessons we must know
Share your savvy
Of journeys that carry
Hope-enough in the valley of sons



A/ on the Wonder of hope in endorsement

1/ Reflect on an experience where you received a gracious love that overlooked a mistake you made?
2/ Reflect on the benefits of having received/known/seen such love. How did this experience make you feel about yourself?
3/ What gift/talent did this experience invigorate/show you in your life?

B/ on the Wisdom gained through difficulty

1/ Reflect on an experience where you did not overlook a slight, offense, or mistake (in yourself or by another)
2/ Reflect on the effect on you of not overlooking it, and how it made you feel about yourself?
3/ How did this experience help you grow in wisdom?